Para sa Pagbitaw

Baka isang araw, mapako ko ang mga pinangako ko;
na baka isang araw magising ako na wala ng pakiramdam;
na baka isang araw madurog ka ng mga salitang bumuo rin sa ‘yo.
ayokong pulutin mo ‘kong parang bato na sa paglaon ay ipupukpok mo rin sa ‘yong ulo.


The Church

I believed in you,

You believed in me.

We both said Amen,

While racing up to the bottom to reach our climax.

Our mouths — tied,

Eyes are locked,

I rest my bones on top of your shaking chest,

While I say

‘believe in you’

While you say

‘I have no religion”

I believed in you,

You believed in me,

My shrine is open,

Guess what?

We’re worshipping different saints.

Make Trails On My Body

And tonight, I just found myself lost in translation,

I lust for your attention,

I crave for your affection.

This is just one of the many nights,

I longed to write my story in your skin using my mouth.


As I sail my fingers on your soul,

as I gently caress your lips,

I knew,

That some may be the journey,

but not the destination —

and I hope,

As you traverse along my body,

you’ll follow the path,

to where I’m screaming.

An outcry of a wolf.

Bedazzled by the look of you – adoring you from afar.

With you I can be the leader of the pack, singing soulfully in the streets under a milky twilight.

Twinkling eyes burn with your light and in a bliss, I feel for your beauty my felicitous Luna.

Strangled upon the branches of a dead tree,

you gazed at me with a fiery eyes, luring me in your death trap.

My silhouette is fueled by your light,

so enigmatic that I even lose my sight.

I’m out of control

I’m out of breath

I’m out of myself

I’m enshrouded by the heavy weight of your fire,

at the top of the mountain I seek your grace.

I growl a little louder for you to hear but you never came down.

A promise of love that never happened,

between two creatures that will never be in the same place at the same time,

between sorry and goodbye,

between different worlds we are into.



She wore the sunlight as if there’ll be hurricane afterwards,

the way she holds the thunder;

the way she touch you when you’re homesick.


When will you come back?

Her light’s fading,

not having the slightest idea

If she can hold your soul in heaven.


In a hundred echoes,

In a thousand pages that yellow it turned,

She’ll follow you,


She died in the cradle of the wind.


I had a dream,

swinging on a vine of knotted memories,

vision’s blocked out.

It was you that I saw over the grey space,

covered with dust and sweat and blood.


I was searching and searching;

for a shadow in a room without light,

I was searching what I already found,

but now,

out of sight.


I saw the vine cracking,

I saw a hand shaking it,

You held it when it was a about to break.

Blood’s dripping on my face,

T’was your hands who tried to save me from falling.

I let go.

I was trying to save you from tearing apart —

You chose to die with me.


We’ll be forever roaming the outfields of our core,

that was once

our home.