The Church

I believed in you,

You believed in me.

We both said Amen,

While racing up to the bottom to reach our climax.

Our mouths — tied,

Eyes are locked,

I rest my bones on top of your shaking chest,

While I say

‘believe in you’

While you say

‘I have no religion”

I believed in you,

You believed in me,

My shrine is open,

Guess what?

We’re worshipping different saints.


Make Trails On My Body

And tonight, I just found myself lost in translation,

I lust for your attention,

I crave for your affection.

This is just one of the many nights,

I longed to write my story in your skin using my mouth.


As I sail my fingers on your soul,

as I gently caress your lips,

I knew,

That some may be the journey,

but not the destination —

and I hope,

As you traverse along my body,

you’ll follow the path,

to where I’m screaming.

Uxor Est Exspiravit

I sailed my hands on your neck and whispered something both of us only know. You looked me in the eye and said “I’ll never leave”. I played with your hair and talked about conspiracies. You held my hand and put your head on my shoulder. We tried counting sheep but we can’t sleep. I ran my fingers to your lips then gave it a peck. You got up to see the moon and I saw your naked beauty in the shadow. I followed you and traced your spine down to the small of your back. You’re shivering so I wrapped my arms around you. You turned around and touched my face. I told you we have the whole night and played your favorite song. We’re still wide awake. Eye to eye, you asked, “ Do you ever think about the future? What can you see” I answered “us”. Then I saw a smile on your face and said “Don’t be afraid to love again if ever time takes me away from you”. I kissed your temple and you said “we should go to sleep now”. So we closed our eyes and I gently kissed you cheeks.
I woke up starring at the ceiling. I said “ Thank you for last night. Happy fifth wedding anniversary ”.
It’s her fourth death anniversary today. And yes, I’m loving someone now.
It’s our daughter.


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The Universe Of You

It must be hard right? Yes it is for me.

To look at you from the corner of my eye,

when you are just inches away,

looking at my shaky palms.


My voice’s vanishing,

when you play your song for her,

when I’m supposed to sing it with you,

coz I know, I’m just another fan in the crowd.


Remember the last time

you look at me in the eye

and told me how beautiful my eyes were,

and how much I look a lot like her?


You touched the core of my soul,

with your ocean deep spirit;

that I took risk of diving,

now tell me,

how could I get out of the water?


Are you listening to the sound of your soul?
The world outside is making you momentarily unhinged.
So just stay with me in the shadows, and we’ll make our own lights burn.
If they don’t like the way you see things, I’ll close my eyes and feel for you.
You don’t have to be someone else, just be with me and touch my hand.
We’ll go far away from here.
Just… You and me.