Like the swaying of her hair, her life is wavy.
Her eyes’ like the ocean that when you dive in, you would not want to go up to gasp for air.

Her life is so much interesting inside her head,
And taking chances is her way ahead.

They say that people will love you the way you love yourself but even if she love deeper, she’s hunted by fear.
She’s chained to the past and none could ever break the string.
Her mind is her adversary, blocked with empty memory.

She has river on her face; before she was saved, she’s lost in her own personal mission.
She finds comfort in her pain,
Sane in the storm and cure in her poison.

Artwork by Merrell Gonzales

This Artwork was made by Merrell Gonzales ; Words by Rizzalyn Vales

FB: https://www.facebook.com/gonzales.merrell IG: @furamengo

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She’s a woman

She’s beauty,

She’s grace.

And she’s the face of a world so great.

She’s a holster to gun,

And a stingray in the sand.

The ink in your pen,

And the paper in your stone.

A hand that you once hold when you can’t stand,

And the one who gave you wings to fly.

She’s the heart of your soul,

And the blood in your veins.

She’s your father’s roots,

A daughter and a mother.

The one who carried you in thy womb

And the one who let you out of the world.

She’s invincible.

She’s a woman.
Note: A quick poem update by RV

Photo source: Pinterest.com

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