Breathe In Thy Life

You can’t see light if you won’t open your eyes.
You won’t see the beauty of colors without the glimpse of darkness.
Coz you don’t know whats waiting if you don’t dare.
Likewise life
Happiness is always with sorrow
Rainbow is always after the rain
So spread your wings
And feel, as long as you can still feel.


Note: Photo not mine.


Thoughts of A Lone Hunter 0.3

When you look at me, what do you see?
Do you see a girl who loss her sanity over something so shallow coz she wanna go deeper?
Or someone who keeps on holding to things that’s merely out of sight?
The one who have friends in holy spaces coz her mind’s elsewhere?
You can’t decipher her?
Is she sometimes annoying like one more word and you’ll slap her?
When you gaze at her eyes, do you see an unclear ocean?
Or a rocky road that you might wanna avoid if you can?
An untranslatable code that you can’t fathom?
let’s keep it real.
I do what I want, without having to validate my worth to others,
I see what I see and spill words honestly; if you can’t handle it then best if you go.
I don’t mind living the rest of my life being a goner who knows her way.
Coz I know, no matter what, in your eyes, I’m just a girl out of the billions in the world, whom you can easily forget for having this lifeless face.

My Felicitous Luna

My Felicitous Luna

You showed me the path to take,

When I was lost When I my spirit separated from my earthly body.

Too many telltales,

But none of it tells exactly how you made me dance under your rays,

How you replenish my body,

How you take Mt breath away.

You make me shiver,

You make me cry,

Your loud silence makes me tell my story,

Makes me talk to you.

Only you, me and the stars know

The third face none of the people will see,

You strengthen my aura,

Making my stay in this zone worth the while.

If I could just marry you I would.


Scattered smiles all over a one way corridor,
tainted with the agony of life and death.
Where windows are shattered, patched up by leftover tears from
the outside.
Everybody has a story to tell,
to whisper,
to yell.
Silent prayers linger in the air,
unseen tears – shed at night,
Like a waterfall in a desert.
Gazing through windows, watching cars fly by.
We can pretend it’s just a dream,
but we cannot lie to thee.
Our bodies’ still at the ground,
are you gonna wait there til you’re found?




Only If We Care A Little Bit More

Look at your surroundings
They’re alive yet so dead
Damped with lifeless emotions
Buried six feet under
Yet showing themselves perfectly fine
Embrace the solitude
And conceal the emptiness
That’s how you survive
So what if their leaves are lush and yours nearly gone?
It’s not a matter of how fancy you are
Because those leaves are nothing without the roots
And we are all going in the same last page
Just a matter of time.

Shrapnel of Daydream

Finding purpose in a solitary night
I looked for worth when none of them seems to care
Hush and zipped your mouth
Don’t let them feed on your soul
Be still and feel the earth
I’m on cliffs edge
Talking to the wind
When everyone’s mouth is open to lay a bit of care
Looking at masked faces
That tells stories of sweet nothings
I can see their laughters, I just can’t feel it.
Remain quiet and none will know
What’s inside will be a secret
And be the keeper of thyself


Fraud is the one who will look you in the eye and whisper words they can’t utter loudly.
The mice squeals and the other hid,
Stealing souls because of greed.
Whisper, for him to be followed,
Nonchalantly leading them to the hollows. The cricket squeaks as the bell rings,
While the mighty tiger sings.
Gasped for air when they’re caught,
When in front, they did not fought.
Telltales’ what feed them, and then a story emblems.
Revolution arise, the tiger’s being despised.
Claws are kept, fists are tight.
There goes it’s tears silently in the dark so no one could hear.
We are in a battlefield no one could bear living with.
But a battle I cannot live without.
Hearts’ racing, and our minds’ bleeding.
The tiger’s tired,
And it’s feet are tied.
We never know our real enemy until we face the reflection of ourselves.
We are in a story tantamount to life and death.
If we don’t fight, we die.
If we fight, we die with honor.