Thoughts of A Lone Hunter 0.3

When you look at me, what do you see?
Do you see a girl who loss her sanity over something so shallow coz she wanna go deeper?
Or someone who keeps on holding to things that’s merely out of sight?
The one who have friends in holy spaces coz her mind’s elsewhere?
You can’t decipher her?
Is she sometimes annoying like one more word and you’ll slap her?
When you gaze at her eyes, do you see an unclear ocean?
Or a rocky road that you might wanna avoid if you can?
An untranslatable code that you can’t fathom?
let’s keep it real.
I do what I want, without having to validate my worth to others,
I see what I see and spill words honestly; if you can’t handle it then best if you go.
I don’t mind living the rest of my life being a goner who knows her way.
Coz I know, no matter what, in your eyes, I’m just a girl out of the billions in the world, whom you can easily forget for having this lifeless face.



Nadoon tayo sa pagitan ng dilim at liwanag
Nagtago tayo sa kani-kaniyang katawan
Pilit na inaabot ang ilaw; pilit hinahatak ng dapithapon
Pinagtagpo ngunit sa ating mga mata lamang
Dahil hindi maaaring pagsamahin kailanman
Nandiyan ka, nandito ako
Ano magagawa ng hamak na tulad ko?
Nasilayan ka pagmulat ng mata
Ngunit di nagtagal ay nasilaw rin
Ang tanging naiwan sa akin ay anino
Sayo’y ala-ala
Itinakdang maglapat ang mga palad
Ngunit hangin ang matinding kalaban
Sabay na ipinikit ang mata at
Tinawag ang bathala
Dininig ang pagsamo at minsan sa isang pagikot ng mundo
Nagsasama ang dilim at liwanag
Pula ang simbolo ng pag-ibig na pilit inaagaw
Sa paglao’y nagbunga,
Nang isang buwan na nagbibigay liwanag sa dilim
At taun-taon, sa pag-gunita sa dal’wang taong pinaglayo
Ang buwa’y nagiging pula.



My Felicitous Luna

My Felicitous Luna

You showed me the path to take,

When I was lost When I my spirit separated from my earthly body.

Too many telltales,

But none of it tells exactly how you made me dance under your rays,

How you replenish my body,

How you take Mt breath away.

You make me shiver,

You make me cry,

Your loud silence makes me tell my story,

Makes me talk to you.

Only you, me and the stars know

The third face none of the people will see,

You strengthen my aura,

Making my stay in this zone worth the while.

If I could just marry you I would.

An outcry of a wolf.

Bedazzled by the look of you – adoring you from afar.

With you I can be the leader of the pack, singing soulfully in the streets under a milky twilight.

Twinkling eyes burn with your light and in a bliss, I feel for your beauty my felicitous Luna.

Strangled upon the branches of a dead tree,

you gazed at me with a fiery eyes, luring me in your death trap.

My silhouette is fueled by your light,

so enigmatic that I even lose my sight.

I’m out of control

I’m out of breath

I’m out of myself

I’m enshrouded by the heavy weight of your fire,

at the top of the mountain I seek your grace.

I growl a little louder for you to hear but you never came down.

A promise of love that never happened,

between two creatures that will never be in the same place at the same time,

between sorry and goodbye,

between different worlds we are into.