I met you…

In a strangest possible time of my life.

that is when I’m sailing on dead waters,

tear drunk—

and with your song,

I sober up.


The Universe Of You

It must be hard right? Yes it is for me.

To look at you from the corner of my eye,

when you are just inches away,

looking at my shaky palms.


My voice’s vanishing,

when you play your song for her,

when I’m supposed to sing it with you,

coz I know, I’m just another fan in the crowd.


Remember the last time

you look at me in the eye

and told me how beautiful my eyes were,

and how much I look a lot like her?


You touched the core of my soul,

with your ocean deep spirit;

that I took risk of diving,

now tell me,

how could I get out of the water?

Always Almost

Words are like knives;
when spoken without utmost care,
it will poison the souls of the prey,
will ruin their dreams,
will make them feel invisible.

Those sprouting bud of roses will turn into thorns,
branches will die; like their limp body on the ground,
leaves will fall – will dry;
will be a part of the earth.

We’re all sinners –
singing the songs of that so called freedom;
unbridled freedom.
It’s not easy,
there’s damage when you speak, damage when you don’t.

“Where will I go?”
I asked myself in the mirror.
We’re nailed by the norms,
nailed by your laws,
nailed by the one who holds my law.

My roses turned black,
my pages turned to yellow,
but history won’t let go of my chains,
now I’m enchained by the word “almost”
I almost had my freedom.

Shrapnel of You

I was standing at the corner

of a well-lit room,

A box full of slithering mouths.

All those pretty faces tied to pretty walls,

but still, I feel alone.


I waited for something to change,

while doors are playing open and close.

When I gazed at its swinging,

it’s empty.

None of the spirits was you.


Air strumming at the corner,

the melody is fine;

but the full spectrum of your aura,

the hurricane you made me feel

is all nothing but a loud silence now.