If I could trade tomorrow for just one day to see you again, I’d rather close my eyes with you and never see the sun.

You hold the wheel to people’s happiness but no one held the break for you,
how ironic it would be when the flower that gives joy is slowly withering inside without being seen.

How could you obstruct yourself to make no flaws; to build people while you are breaking?
Your eyes know the darkness you are keeping but your mouth utter good words.
They don’t understand but now they do – how to listen when there’s nothing for them to hear.

You just need a rest, not to traverse away,
my friend you’ve gone through hell and now you’re free.
Those bloody rose that keeps you enchained is just another breakable string for you.
I’m sorry if you have nowhere to park, now the sound of silence you made is now heard.

You let go of the steering wheel but you keep on driving,
See you again my friend,
this world is never meant for you in this timeframe,
in another lifetime, there’d be no traffic for us – just a never ending road.

We’ll drive back to our roots, rise and until our limbs grow taller, we’ll learn how to drive again.



As he landed on this rich land that is covered with dirt,
the old man said ‘shit’ when it literally means to shoot.
I was asked to jump out of the building because I misheard it,
I asked “from which floor?’
Maybe just alittle brain will do, they say.
I’ll let the queen have my heart coz I know she doesn’t have one.
Oh and my soul?
My spare is inside my pocket where my badge was attached.
I’ll do everything at full speed as what my master commanded;
to bury them with their truths under my law,
mandated by the one sitting on the throne.
It is written in his fist,
emblanzoned in his mouth.
I’ll follow orders from you just make sure that our share is sixty forty.
I swear to whoever god that is listening,
that I will be your puppy… I mean your servant,
just to keep my position in the hierarchy.
My name has its own power but my soul is already being auctioned in hell,
where yours is already displayed.
Even If I cover myself with flag large enough to patch the loop holes in my dignity,
spirits of those who stray bullets chased still haunts me in my sleep.
We’re on a war but the battle inside me keeps me frustrated and leaves me empty.
Sending my apologies to my old man who always told me to serve my country well,
the one who speaks ‘thou shall not kill’
while cleaning his magnum revolver.
I never thought that the next part would be ‘thou shall not kill without orders from the one who secretly sells the country.’
Thou shall not kill…
If being shot from behind makes you a hero then I’d rather be the gunmen who rolled upward
just to make sure that the target will fall down planking on the grond.
Because I know that if someone shoot me,
they would be the hero and not me,
and people would die to see me dead.
I became blinded by the law and false judiciary.
Shame over pride,
but for me,
as long as he’s sitting on his throne,
blood will continue to spill,
spread all over our home.
Forgive me.
This is just the calling of the law,
to bring back our glory and peace.
After all, I am just another General Fabian Ver.

All One’s Got

I tried walking you way but my feet aches every step I take,

I looked at the things as how you see it that it even made me blind,

You disturbed my silence,

trampled my kindness,

and ruined my focal point.

Brought back my sanity and lose myself in the vision of us fighting against all odds.

I want my dangerous path back, my treacherous slope be still,

and the gun in my holster.

We’re no saint coz we’re both a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

slowly you’re becoming my world,

don’t want to be consumed by you.

to be loved not to be held captive,

to be with you and to be a hundred miles apart from you; that’s all I ask for.

You took away my soul and every single word you say subliminally,

is a piercing in my bones.

You took me in and let go of me when I was in the verge.

You mended me and break me in the same breath.

I’m not chasing rainbows in the clouds, coz I’d rather be washed by your rain,

and sail on your flood.

But your waves are too strong I can’t even surf with it.

Went away for a short while, retraced my paths – alone, but that includes you.

Maybe it’s too fugacious,

but in this fantasy, I know something is real.

I’m sorry.

It’s my fault,

being the one who doesn’t give credit to people,

It’s me,

because I thought we can.

I’m sorry I can’t be strong for you, can’t even get a hold of you.

My apologies for not using my lips,

for now holding your hands when you’re about to break,

for not being around when you stood on your knees asking God ‘why’

I can be that person now,

I swear I’d do it right.

Thank you but,

You can’t just change me then leave.