Closing Time

She has glass heart,

and people think she’s great.

But see right through her,

think she’s gonna break.

A porcelain kid made of plastic thoughts,

in the box she slid,

with a smile full of fraud.


Beauty is pain, beauty is everything,

so starve yourself and have an affair with death.

For the night is drain; the night has lost its hamstring,

so calm yourself and drown with meth.

She’s looking at herself in the mirror,

no view has appeared.

Lights getting dimmer, like a sunflower starts to wither.


Standing in front of a soulless face,

a reflection of a spirit out of place.

It’s closing time,

so finish your whiskey or wine.

I see truth in distorted view,

the color’s blue and right there I knew,

that this is just another night of cool bottles and brews.


We fight so hard, break so bad.

This liquor is lame, I still feel the same.

A love that we’re chasing, is one heartbreak away.

Like riding a runaway train, treachery is the game.

Tell you to wreck it all,

coz I’m in your empire and I don’t want to fall.

Hold your tickets to our exit lines, drown with sorrow and hung with a vine.


Only If We Care A Little Bit More

Look at your surroundings
They’re alive yet so dead
Damped with lifeless emotions
Buried six feet under
Yet showing themselves perfectly fine
Embrace the solitude
And conceal the emptiness
That’s how you survive
So what if their leaves are lush and yours nearly gone?
It’s not a matter of how fancy you are
Because those leaves are nothing without the roots
And we are all going in the same last page
Just a matter of time.

I Love You But It’s Okay

I told you I’ll be okay,
When you said you can’t love me as much as I love you
I said it’s okay,
When you said “Im sorry” I can’t reciprocate
I showed you I’m okay,
When you let me read your letters for her
How many times will I say the word “Okay”
For you to notice I’m not?
How can I love myself when you’ve taken away all the love I have?
When will be the time for me to say goodbye to the love I never had – I’ll never have.


Napag-iwanan ka na ng panahon,
Pero sumasabay ka parin sa agos.
Parati mong iniisip ang tama,
Ni minsan hindi sumagi sa isip mong iisa lang ang buhay.
Takbo ka ng takbo sa mga bagay na dapat hinaharap mo,
At pinagsisiksikan ang sarili sa mga bagay na sinisira ka sa likod mo.
Balikan mo yung panahong sinabi mong ginawa mo kung ano’ng tama,
Nakabuti ba ito para sayo?
Lahat tayo’y may oras na dapat ilagi sa mundo
Ang iba’y kahit nauupos ng kandila’y lumalaban parin
Samantalang ang iba’y bumibili ng oras ng iba
Ikaw, tulad ko at tulad nang mga taong patuloy na hinahanap ang tunay na saya ay parang abo na galing sa nasunog na puno
Na hindi namamalayang kinukuha ang kaligayahan ng iba
Para lang sa pansariling kapakanan
Tanong ko lang, tulad ba ng punong ito,
May naibigay tayo sa iba bago tayo maglaho sa mundo?

Shrapnel of Daydream

Finding purpose in a solitary night
I looked for worth when none of them seems to care
Hush and zipped your mouth
Don’t let them feed on your soul
Be still and feel the earth
I’m on cliffs edge
Talking to the wind
When everyone’s mouth is open to lay a bit of care
Looking at masked faces
That tells stories of sweet nothings
I can see their laughters, I just can’t feel it.
Remain quiet and none will know
What’s inside will be a secret
And be the keeper of thyself

“In the dark, she finds her way”

Just like the darkness in her surroundings, her heart was tainted with pitch black.
Just like a scared cat along the way, she’s drifting in every corner of the place she thinks she belongs.
Just like those little girls you always see in the park, she wanders through life.
Silhouette dreams are made up of bad decisions with good intention, but none of it can ever save her from falling apart.
She didn’t flinched a single second and remained still.
What doesn’t kill her makes her somehow stronger than the girl everyone thinks, have lost her mind in her own fantasy.
Cryptically whispering words that only the wind can hear, and freed her soul.
She’s in the dark, wandering.
But not all who wanders are lost.