Tama at Mali

Natagpuan sa pagitan ng oo at hindi,

nasabi kong nahanap na kita sa tabi nang paalam at panibagong araw.

Hindi rin ginusto ang ganito,

sadyang pinaglapit lang tayo ng tadhana.

Nagtatanong kung bakit.

ngunit walang ibang sagot kundi dahil…

Dahil ito ka at ito ako,

dahil ang ikaw at ako’y naging tayo.

Dahil hinawakan mo ako noong gusto ko nang bumitaw.

Alam kong hindi ganoon kadali,

maraming pintuang kailangang lagpasan,

matang kailangang iwasan,

daanang kailangang lakarin.

Nakakapagod ngunit kakayanin,

kahit na medyo alangin.

Sabi nila’y mali pero as isip ko’y ito ang tama.

Mga matang di mawari kung awa o panghuhusga ang nais iparating,

mga labing tikom ang bibig sa katotohanang,

tayo rin ay bunga ng bayang tinalikuran ang pagpapakatao.

Salamat sa pagsagip sa ‘kin sa kawalan,

ngayon’y hiling ay mayron nang kasagutan.

Hindi natin ginustong maging ganito,

ngunit h’wag mong sasabihing tayo’y ganito lang.

Buhay tayo at malaya

Kahit na hindi natin kaisa ang mundo,

pero magtiwala ka, hindi ka nag-iisa.

Mali sa mga mata nila; tama sa paningin natin.

Kailan ba magiging tama ang maling kaisipan patungkol sa kung anong tama at mali?

Kailan magiging oo ang hindi?



Remember me as the girl from your yesterday

Too many words has been used to describe what I felt when friction made a spark on our lips,

When heat rises through our veins making our cold feet burning,

when we don’t care about tomorrow,

when we caress each others’ spirit.

In the bed, we shared the truth and lies we made in the past,

We keep on moving in and out while we whisper things we can’t utter loudly,

hush and nobody will know.

The slight moving of our bodies that unites our souls,

the panting of our minds,

and the rocking of where we lay our dreams; while it crush us because we know it’s the end.

You wiped the tears in my eyes while keeping my mouth shut with your tongue; I must say I love those rude interruptions.

Keep moving while the night is ours,

put a force on my chest,

coz we know so well that tomorrow we’ll no longer be friends, nor lovers.

we’re just strangers with memories.

Kill Tonight

Let’s kill tonight
And pack our favorite shirts.
Let’s escape the sharp knife of an unwell spent life.
And tear out the rules that keeps us enchained.
We have our lives right under our noses and our time inside our pockets.
Let’s kill tonight
And resist the blades that leaves an open wound to our souls.
Burn our puckered skins and replace it with new ones.
We have our own feet so we don’t have to go along the flow of people who rush everyday to beat their deadlines and red lights.
All I got is your hand on my hand,
And we’ll die in the eyes of the city.
We’ll kill tonight
Go to the place where no one knows our name.

Where do we go from here?

Your body is a poetry, entangled by crossroads and cliff’s edge,

you sing me a song that’s incomparable to any tune I’ve ever heard.

Those panting of yours while you cradle my body, makes me feel like a corpse that’s been brought to life.

You caress my spirit with your soft loud sighs,

and covered my fears and doubts.

What on earth is this feeling when you’re on the verge, but any moment you have to stop,

coz you don’t know what will happen next.

Where do we go from here?

We became real that moment,

You put a pressure on my chest, a hole that can never be concealed.

We’re chasing time and rainbows won’t appear.

Shadows of our future are blurry on the other side,

we both know that one day, we have to leave everything behind.

Our skinned hearts are nailed to each other,

while playing visions of tomorrow.

You’re the first to read me and memorize every part of me,

from head to toe you make me quiver,

and I swear, it can make me swear.

When you hold my heart and held my heart,

one thing I wanna know is are you willing to catch the torn too?

Coz we’re nowise different to the lost souls that is lurking our space,

searching for their half to make them whole.

We fell in conflicting space and time,

when tunes are in dire need of transposition,

when there’s only lost and no found.

Now I look back at us, look what we’ve done to each other.

Where do we go from here?