non com·pos men·tis

I’m gonna reap what I sow,

take all the things that I deserve.

This ain’t a beautiful dream,

coz nightmares comes along the way.

I’m burning what is left behind the hurricane,

turning to ashes as it flew – gone with the wind.

Life is not a piece of cake so I don’t need an extra frosting;

for my life is overflowing with sweet madness.

I’m not what they thought I am,

I can turn your pages upside down and smolder it,

Look you in the eye and make you cry a river of blood,

Touch you and make your veins explode.

I say gratuitous words for your plastic mouth to taste,

muttering traces of lonely words

that your malleable mind dictates.

You pierced me into the wall of sins,

while making a bigger fool of yourself.

I say thank you for dragging me down your riffle’s spiral,

I’d never knew my way if it wasn’t for that.

And that way is the path being covered with lies to unfold the truth myself,

the way I thought I’d never get through,

the way chasing scars is better than running away,

the labyrinth that you had dropped me off,

now my sanctuary.

I’m gloomy on a sunny day,

grim faces everywhere.

Take me to the desert of your wounds,

I’ll scratch it with my bare hands.

so you would know the feeling of being killed a thousand times

but still you’re alive.

Joke’s on me now, you said.

I played the sound of my tears over and over again,

but can’t find comfort.

I’m losing my grip; please be still.

I’ll be laughing in the end,

take what you’ve taken from me,

my innocence

my laugher

my heart

my sanity

and let you lose breath,

lose soul


in the very arms that you tried to break.

Je vais te tuer.



I tried to touch you but you’re hard to hold,

you were the reason I believe in miracle.

I never thought that I could live again after being dead hundreds of time,

only to find out that you’re about to kill me with your words.

I begged you to stay but you looked away and run.

Are you afraid of me?

I asked you through the zephyr wind; hoping for it to whisper my words for you.

I’ve never had the feeling of being wounded inside before,

only now that you’ve turned your promises to ashes.

All my mumbles to the wind; all my smiles to the sun,

vanished the day you went away.

Each day’s getting more bleak, I’m lost in translation.

You were a disease and I’m healing you,

I am trying to save you, but were killing me.

All I do is sit and think.

I can see you and I can see me but at that very moment when the moon’s aglow,

it vanishes like smoke in the air.

If I could turn back time when I saw your smile,

I would tell myself that it’s a trap.

Coz once upon a time, there was a girl who has rainbow above her head,

now it’s only rain.

credits to tumblr

The Girl who has Strong Desire to Walk Away

I can do things I wanna do to my body. I can touch it, bend it, grab it, feel it and show it. You don’t care.

I can use it and let someone use it; feel pleasure by the sweat and you don’t care.

I can make you feel the heat, the chills and even make you scream. Let’s just not talk about prudence while in war coz you don’t care.

Let’s face it, you know that I can give you my body. Skip the intimate staring part get to business. You don’t care anyway.

I’ll show you my soul; open my mouth to grab your hungry eyes, feel your plastic love and have no care.

You can squeeze my plums for a night — just a night. Let you be my knight in a battlefield.

But let’s forget about the love part and enjoy the passion of eternity that the twilight is giving us.

After all, I’m just a girl and you don’t care.

Art by Merrell Gonzales #ArtCollaboration #WordsbyMe


Like the swaying of her hair, her life is wavy.
Her eyes’ like the ocean that when you dive in, you would not want to go up to gasp for air.

Her life is so much interesting inside her head,
And taking chances is her way ahead.

They say that people will love you the way you love yourself but even if she love deeper, she’s hunted by fear.
She’s chained to the past and none could ever break the string.
Her mind is her adversary, blocked with empty memory.

She has river on her face; before she was saved, she’s lost in her own personal mission.
She finds comfort in her pain,
Sane in the storm and cure in her poison.

Artwork by Merrell Gonzales

This Artwork was made by Merrell Gonzales ; Words by Rizzalyn Vales

FB: IG: @furamengo

#furamengoart #wordsbyrv

A Message for your Nemesis

She walks in the rain like she’s walking on sunshine,

And blow wind that is harder than a tornado.

She was left, but she is not alone.

In a place full of honking machines and skyscrapers.

With her slightly tattered heels, she conquer the world.

Every now and then she visits her old friend who’s been whispering odd things to her — made her do a lot of tricky things.

The one who’s been enchained by her own sorrow; freed by her own nemesis.

She doesn’t believe in guilt for everything she does is out of good intentions with bad decisions.

Wings, once broken by the wind she herself blew, making her unsure but time is her cure.

The time she gave herself.

After the sea was swallowed by darkness and sunset won’t turn into sunlight,

She exalted and see the world through her kaleidoscope.

In this world, nothing would ever break her now

— to die is to live

To lose is to gain

She fought herself, her nemesis.

Beat it or get beaten by it.

Your call.