Soon you’ll be a lifeless face that people will forget.

The wave of it is inevitable and it pass right before your eyes without knowing that it passed you by.

Kneeling on the ground, asking for a reversal of tunes.

Songs has been sung but the melody of yesterday lingers in the air.

Walked backwards as your feet aches, sinking into your mind the need to move ahead.

Kept on reading a chapter that is nearly tattered on its side; high hopes filled heart.

That one day gravity could pull you to that soulful night when we cross the bridge — under a pallette of milky stars in the sky.

That holy Saturday night when the bridge has not been burned by untruthful words;

When ties are intact and smiles were framed on the wall.

Hurled through fire — wind blew up the ashes.

The changing of the season rapidly turns the green to yellow and dried up its own twig.

Ground’s a silent witness of the exchanging of our vows and the joy we’ve shared through ages.

The rings on the branch encircled bottled souls and empty hearts; all we do is a reflection of the world.

Memory flies just like a fire in the wind.

Do you remember the day we let our spirits unite? When love and hate collide? And when we’re bruised but it doesn’t matter anyhow?

I’m well aware that one day, I’ll be asking “where are you now?”

Coz if we close our eyes in that very moment when we should be seeing wonders, we’ll  lose the magic

The old tunes will remain eternal in our hearts, though our skin starts to wrinkle.

So while we were young, fly a kite and be the wind the kite needs.

Run through the field and test the waters. Laugh ’til there’s no more pain.

Coz when the faithful night when our souls departed from our earthly bodies,

When a compelling light blinded your sight,

When the aggressive wind threw you away,

And when the sailor stops sailing,

We cannot help but to follow the trails of the lost ones who had their ship wrecked in the middle of finding life’s purpose in solitude.

Credits to aestheticpictures.exe (IG)

Beauty and Insouciance

You look at them wide eyes but they look away.

They ought to know what’s on your mind — they don’t wanna know.

Inside’s a vast ocean; dive in and you can’t go up to gasp for air.

She’s depth less and hollow, both difficult to crawl into.

Decode her and be trapped inside a labyrinth of thoughts.

Not a day goes by that she’s loaded with dark clouds above her.

They try to break her walls but it’s too hard to crash.

A hurricane that shatters every mind; a soul whom they think is nonexistent but they can feel her.

An outcry of a lone wolf is twice as loud as a reticent mind.

She’s beautiful in her own empirical ways and in a sea of million devotees of greatness, she’s marked red.

As they go ahead, she goes against the current and battled her demons.

They went ahead and she went the path less traveled by.

The Rose.