I woke up with fear and doubt

There’s nothing left but ruins of what I’ve fought for

I thought I knew my way in life

But I was lost

And fell asleep for eternity

I’ve made terrible mistakes

And said unfathomable words that made me lose my path

It’s a depthless road and I took the one much traveled by

I must say I took the wrong turn

Pretended I’m in control

Turns out I’m just another follower

A greatness devotee

Took so long to see what living really is for

Now in death, I found my way home


My Whispers to the Wind

It bothers people like a ghost in their way

Maybe just a little honesty will do.

How long have you been in love with her?

The brick inside your heart, is it heavy?

Whenever you hear her screams into the world that turn its back on her

How long have you been wondering why you even care?

The care she doesn’t want from you

How long will you keep her secrets?

and look at her from afar.

How much more white lies will you hold for her?

When will you stop holding her hands when yours are to be calmed?

How long will you tell her what she wants to hear and not what you wanna say?

How long will smile for her when you’ve got fifty stabwounds whenever she cries?

How long will you make her believe you are just a friend?

How much time will you have to spend to make her believe that she’s enough?

yes she’s good enough for someone,

but keep on thinking she’s not good enough for her self

How much will you give to let her know that love don’t cost a penny?

How long will you take those silly stories of her,

and how long will bear the pain of seeing her happy without your presence?


Note: There comes a time in your life when you fall in love with no apparent reason and you keep on telling yourself that it is okay as long as you keep on trying whenever it knocks you down. There are people who leave their lives in the hands of fate and destiny and just let it slip away when they think that a person is not destined for them and whine forever for what they did. Thinking they aren’t good enough for people which is a total act of foolishness. You’ll live with the words ‘what’ and ‘if’, and while putting it together, it’ll form a word that will haunt you and keeps you awake at night for the rest of your lives. It so happen that I have watched the film Serendipity and happen to believe in fate. But i guess, it demands work. If you love someone then it’s your call whether to voice it out or not. Coz someday, you’ll gonna get back to that moment, whether it’s an awkward one or an awesome thing to remember and you’d be happy you did it. Don’t have a life full of what ifs. I made this one out of something I have experienced and my friends as well. It’s a mix of everything I wanna say and everything I just wanna hide inside a box.

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A Day out with a friend

Ever done photo walks where you feel like you are a real photographer with a camera hanging on your neck and you are capturing things you don’t know why you even captured? I’ve done that. A lot of times. But this one’s really great and different from the things I do when I photowalk alone. First, I am with my good friend, a high school buddy that up until now, annoys me so much that I couldn’t live without his senseless jokes. Kidding aside. Second, I won’t have to set my camera with a tripod for me to have photo with some artworks I love.

I usually do this alone but for the sake of this annoying but kind-hearted friend of mine, I went out with him to do photo walk. Our first stop is The National Museum which is near Kalaw Ave.


If you are an art geek and wants to be expose with different kinds of artworks, sculptures and national artists, museums are a place to be. This is actually my first time to go here and I am so stoke to see my favorite artists’ memorabilias. As soon as we entered the double doors of the National Museum, I felt a flush of fever for the artsy ambiance of the building. “Tangina ang ganda” (*curse word* it’s beautiful). That’s what I whispered to my friend. I haven’t been formally introduce my friend. He is Mike, an artsy dude too.

We decided to roam around after taking a picture of Spolarium by Juan Luna, one of the most prominent and well-known Filipino artist. Pinned below was the Spolarium:


We wandered along the corridors and different art galleries and exhibits. While roaming the building, my friend and I keep on talking about history and politics and people’s way of life, now and then. We can’t help our selves but to be amazed. We were astounded by the artists’ way of expressing thoughts through certain painting strokes and through the paintings itself. It depicts a lot of historic events that has been put into art. I studied every detail of the artworks I have seen inside the museum and I have learned that colors can set the mood of the painting. One notable and remarkable artwork/painting I’ve seen was the painting of Gene Cabrera in 1957 entitled ‘A tragic lesson (The Fall of Bataan)’. It is a painting of people with hollowed faces. They are like grim and actually they have a face of a skeleton. I felt an unexplainable sadness while studying its colors and the picture. The people are nothing but a forgotten dream. Dead and gone. Here’s a picture of it.


I can’t imagine the tone and feeling of the artists while making their piece. are they strange or insane like me when they do it? A variety of paintings are exhibited inside this and each artist have different ways of how they will let people interpret their art. Like for example, I saw a painting which has a naked women cover with blood. I interpreted it as the Japanese era when those Nihon military officers rape women and kill them for pleasure. No offense meant. I hopped into the next painting and it also has a woman lying on the ground. And also the next one is about a women and her family being drag by men. I realized that it is a series of paintings that depicts violence against women. Here it is.

(I am in the picture because I am a work of art *monkey grin*)

I am living the dream of being a girl in a world of art. Well I have not much to say but I’ll post photographs of artworks in here.

Also I wanna share that I have learned a lot during this trip. I also got some art ideas that I could use when doing a watercolor art, or when drawing using graphite or charcoal. I can mix some of Juan Luna’s style and Emilio Aguilar Cruz’s works. When it comes to painting, my role model includes Luna, Van Gogh (which artworks’ are not belong here) and Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo. Here are some of their works (Van Gogh’s not included)


Bandera Filipina, by Luna


Portrait of Juan Luna Y Novicio by Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo

Here are some pictures of some artworks:

Japanese Scenes by Juan Luna Y Novicio, 1886


Roundel Relief Portrait Bust of Jose Rizal by Isabelo Tampico Y Lacandola, 1910

And since this is a day of taking pictures anywhere, we grabbed the opportunity to take photos of ourselves and the people we see upon walking the streets of Kalaw and Intramuros, the walled city. Here are some.


and since we came there to support each other, we took photos of each other lol. (support a friend system). I’m his photographer and he’s mine. Using Pentax and Nikon, we took a lot of #bloggerbelike photos and we’re ready to dominate the photography world (and I am kidding). I didn’t mention that he is a broadcasting student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines and I am a comm student. so much for being a copycat dude lol. He’s been my friend since high school and I am glad that we share the same passion, it is photography and art. I won’t make much spectacle about what we have but I will post photos that we took. *Note: If the subject is me then he’s the one taking the photo* *but most of his subject is me so it’s all about me being a M-O-D-E-L for a day.

(Here’s more. Proof that I’m his idol)

To sum this sh*t up, I enjoyed being with one of my trusted friend and of course, you can never go wrong with art and photography. This is just a summary of what we did that day. Part 2 of this will uploaded soon. (and it is all about the things inside the museum)


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