San Miguel Bulacan, Thank you.

During our stay in San Miguel Bulacan, I’ve learn a lot from the things we do and of course, the people around me. Like for example, It’s not my habit to take a bath, for real but I really do have to at least a quick shower before we head out for shoot. First of all, the sun is not really hot but it can make you sweat 10 times the usual because being in province means you have to work and when I say work, it is something manila peeps don’t usually do. Another example is that it took me a while to realize I have to wash my clothes because there is no helper there. I’m on my own. I’ve always wanted to have a vacation in some place like this one. Coz I am a dreamy person who wants to go to places I’ve never been before. I seek adventure everywhere I go and even if I know that we have different purpose why we went there, I still had fun doing some things during my free time. Like taking photographs since I am an aspiring photographer. Okay, lame. I feel like a pro that time. In Manila, my cousins are always teasing me for talking to animals like it’s a mortal sin. But there, I’ve learn that caring for other creatures is not a bad thing. I realized I shouldn’t be ashamed of what I do.

I woke up after a long drive from Manila to Bulacan and saw a beautiful  butterfly. It’s a big one actually. I carefully grab my camera because I don’t want to scare that creature away but as I step on the front porch of the house, I tripped. But I found the butterfly still on top of the flower. I took the chance to take it’s picture and here it is.


I feel so lucky to have her looking at me. Coz she’s looking at different direction and so happen that my weirdness strikes again and I talked to her. I said “Please harap ka naman sakin” and suddenly she did. I feel like Snow White that time. LOL.

First day’s a blast coz I have my dudes with me. We did location scouting for our film (My blog about our film is different) and as you can see, we all look like a tired cows but we are all up for adventure. It’s a week or two of flipflops yey. We don’t have to wear make ups or what. Nor school uniforms and shoes.


I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t usually see in Manila like a Carabao resting under a tree or taking it’s bath in the river. It gets me ecstatic whenever I see animals as if I have never seen one in my entire life. I always say Hi to a carabao passing by or a bird. Sounds lame but I love talking to them. I even talked to shrubs lol, leaves and flowers.


“Hey what you looking at?” – Carabao.

It’s green everywhere I look and I feel I’m in some place I longed to see. The wind is talking to me and I can see some colors that vividly hugs me. The tree gives me energy instead of fearing there might be some unseen creature there (just a matter of respect to them). As I said, I took a lot of photos during my stay in Bulacan and I made this blog to share the beauty of nature to you.

You can see some trees that is so lifeless but soon you’ll realize it was once alive like us. Giving shelter to people. Just like us. We die for other people and not for ourselves only. I tend to be so emotional whenever I see dead tree. For me it represents life. When it’s young and full life, it is taken for granted but when it’s old or nearly gone, we look for reasons to revive it. I guess, nature teaches me a lot of life lessons to live by.

In Manila, I rarely see a beautiful sunset coz it’s full of tall buildings that almost covers the sky. Besides, I’m always inside my room. Our homeroom in school is cover with thick curtains. Good thing we have the mehan garden. Going back to Bulacan, there’s a lot of realization that came to me like, if we care for our surroundings a lot, the world will be a better place to live in.

I remember we also took a dip in the river where we collected “tulya” i don’t know what it is but it is like a small clam like thing and the people there cal it tulya so yeah lol. It’s cute and it can be found on the surface of the river. Sad to say I don’t have a picture of Tulya on my drive but it’s still on my cam’s SD. The river is one of the highlights of the film we made and I am so glad that we get to maximized nature’s gifts.


(sorry it’s kinda blurred)


This is the big river or “Tartaro” as the people call it.  We have to cross this everyday to get to our shooting place. It’s fun actually and since I’m so tiny, whenever I cross this river, the half of my body gets wet. But I don’t mind because I love the feeling of being soaked in a fresh water.


I thank this place so much for giving freedom to be myself and for listening to me when I’m telling a story that nobody wants to hear lol. But I’m serious when I say I can hear the wind whisper to me something. It’s not a weird feeling because I’m always talking to the moon every night. Call it lunacy but for me it’s giving a part of myself to nature.

I’ve found myself in this place. Instead of writing poems about how ironic and damp my life is, I’ve written poems of freedom and about nature. I feel free. Also, one of the best part of being in province is that mud is everywhere. You’ll get stuck and it’ll be difficult to release your feet because it’s so sticky. I played with mud also lol. I feel like Peppa Pig for playing in the muddy puddles.


Province taught me how to appreciate creatures more. Here are some:

and I know this is gross but I think it’s cute to see a Carabao’s poop and a remain of a frog.

I randomly took a photo of these animals who I thinks know that their pic is being taken.

and I could say that I like flowers but not really.

To sum it all up since it’s too long, I enjoyed my stay in Bulacan even though I had some serious sunburn, cuts and scratches, of course wounds. It really taught me how to live without phone or connection to the social media world. I thought I’ll be forever held captive inside my room, doing nothing but to read and to draw. Someday, I’ll travel alone with my camera and my sunny spirit. I know I will travel someday. I live by my granny’s words. “Enjoy your life because it’s you who’ll create your own world. Don’t be corrupted by those words from people who don’t really understand you.” So I’m here, having the time of my life.

I felt like I’m in paradise. This place gave me what I am looking for since the day I entered college. So San Miguel Bulacan, Thank you.


I did this journal entry for pleasure purposes. Since writing is very therapeutic.

Disclaimer: Pardon me for typos and grammatical errors.