Finding the Sum of your part

When land and sky collide,
There came you and me
Facing the two sides of the earth,
Like Yin and Yang
Together we keep the balance of the earth,
And live in solitude
We are the guardians of this land,
Since the great hands mold us from something called dirt
Been around the world,
Tested the waters and ran through the greens
Where you can have a taste of innocence,
Feed souls with everything the land can offer
Go anywhere but the tree of truth
Where shape shifters offer you death
Said that it’s forbidden to touch
But we were tempted to have a taste of the truth
We took one and that’s the end of us
The story of us became the story of everyone
Our hidden desires are granted
We’re both trapped in the land where every soul we meet might be the old us
It’s a never ending search
For who we really are,
And to whom do we give our whole


irony at its finest

Can I have a break from everything?

coz it feels like life’s shitting over me

When will this charade ends?

It’s like crossing a bridge over troubled water

dangerous and fatal

I might have appear to go unnoticed most of the time

but I wanted them to feel the misery I have

Want them to feel me

so they won’t judge me

Do you know how does it feel to be tortured a thousand times

by words you left unspoken for some time

and all of a sudden it explodes like a time bomb?

I kept this for years

now’s the time to reveal

the thing that sucks

is the fact the I live the life I never liked

but I’m smiling on my pain

that’s what living is for

Cutting all ties

Sometimes I wanna vanish

disappear with the wind

let the gravity pull me towards the ground

where I always belong

I tried to be good

but turns out, it’s human nature

liking the things I don’t

ironic – that’s my everyday life

choking on every silent tears

I’ll never shed in front of unfriendly faces

wearing my mask

though it cuts like a blade

Being eaten by the loneliness inside

loneliness that’s somehow bearable – said the people

I’m like a stone

a walking thing that’s only breathing

Go watch me leave

without a track

someday I’ll never come back

I only have today – now

I don’t want someone walking away from me

It’d be a fire hole in my chest

suffocated by misery

I’m begging, please don’t leave me hanging

coz sooner my lungs will gave out

for having silent tears

so please,

let go of your rope that’s been tied on my neck

Let me breathe

The flower girl pt.III

She’s free now
After losing herself – her life.
She roam the streets where she used to sell roses
Something’s odd
Where’s the lovely smile of the people?
She asked herself
Thinking about the tears that fall
She looked around and saw her picture
On the center with flowers around it
Full of murmurs in the plaza
She realized everything she left behind
Brought joy at the same time, tears
People will see the beauty of a flower and the happiness it bring
When it starts to wither
Life is full of thorns
Even beauty has poison
We’re all blinded by the colors of the rainbow to see the shadows behind it
Life is a cycle –
A matter of choice
Death is easy
Living is so much to handle
When all you see is life’s darkness
So live
Don’t just breathe.

The Flower Girl pt. II

She never looked nice
Coz art’s what makes her
And it ain’t supposed to look nice
It is to make you feel something
A thing, the heart will always remember
Even in the darkest of days
When the sun hides and
Everything’s falling apart,
Look into her eyes
You’ll see,
You’re not the only one
It’s like finding good in everything
Remember a flower came from a seed
Then had roots
And soon, withered
Everything in this world will be forgotten
Soon as you left
It vanish
But at least –
You shared a thing or things
That’s your smile, that’s you
The girl who smiled through a lot pain
Will leave the world
With traces of petals laid on the ground
Hearing what the wind is saying
Feeling the cool breeze of the ocean
While slowly gliding the air
Hits the shore
And now
She’s free.