When eyes meet

06/16/16 10:30 pm

I saw you gave me a half smile

where’s the other half?


I can see that you are in pain

but why?

There’s empty spaces

between us

and you know

I don’t bother anyway

Just seeking answers

Why do you do this to me?

Seems like everything has changed

But I like it

There’s no strings attach

just plain sight

of a girl and a boy



7:07 pm 6/10/16

I stopped for a while to feel the wind

rushing through my veins

As I face a new day with tears

It’s not what I’ve always wanted

but it’s the way my destiny goes

In my dream, I see you

feel you

You touched me and suddenly

I’m in cloud nine

It breaks me

leaving me shattered

by those words you said

It cuts deeper than any local knife

warned by you

that you never fall in love

unless someone will keep you

break your walls

I tried but

you blew me off

keeping me hurdled in this misery

one minute I’m fine

but it feels like years since you’ve broke me

though it’s just a minutes ago

you drained all the energy I have

you’ve taken my sanity

feel like a walking shame

though I’m completely alright

how ironic my life can be

I’m starting to be disgusted.


Perfectly fine before our eyes met

you asked me something I don’t really get

coz I’m frozen the moment you called me by the name

I’m floating but gravity strikes again

I hit the ground with eyes wide open –

heart’s bruised

It’s not so hard to let me die

but not so little to let me live

I’m in the verge of tears

while walking in the streets

got nothing to care

get bumped by a car – it’s okay

I looked above and see the moon

smiling brightly

my tears started to fall

never happened since then – only now

so what if people see me

I am on a battle no on will ever see

skeptical – that’s who I become

you told me i’ll be okay

I will. I never wanna fail you

pleading or wanting?

I can be both

Maybe elucidating

If love you was a gamble,

I’m willing to lose it all

but I know you’ll refuse it

go ahead, make me invisible in your life

It’s okay.

I’ll be fine

Why bother anyway?

I’m not prejudging you

just stating the obvious.


You never said you will not like me

never said you will

said every soul you meet is another chance

so why don’t you take chance on me?

I’m broken as much as you are

keep asking me what do I want

when I already told you it’s you

yes you’ll be in other place

and i’ll be stuck here

It’ll be difficult for you to engage

can’t blame you

I can see how miserable you are

why can’t you see me?

what’s the point of¬†fighting

when you keep pushing me away?

you let me in? NO.

you put me in the jungle of thoughts –

in a maze

where I can’t find the way out

Now I’m lost again

and I know you won’t bother

tearing up these walls

It’s okay.

I’ll be fine.

I’m okay

6/10/16 6:52 pm

You’re afraid, so do I

You’re lost and I’m gonna find you

You’ve got shield, I’ll break it

You’re acting too strong

but I can sense fear

and it’s okay

I’ll let you do your thing

if that’s what you want

your life

your choice

I’m okay.


6/10/16 6:44 pm

(the next thing that happened was posted earlier)

You’re on the verge

I’m on the edge

you’re flying away

and I’m stuck in the moment

you can’t contain heartbreaks

I can’t afford to see your heart break

you’re on your bed

I’m in the window pane

One of us must be in the wrong place

You act strongly

I act bravely

why can’t you be free

to make me true to my feelings too?