Eyes can see the outermost part

but the mind can be very crucial

They say it’s what you think

that make you do things

Mine’s a factory of thoughts

with some rustling engines in it

Over flowing dumps of endless dreams

to the river of words from my mouth

Blood’s pumping hardly on my veins

like a hopeless athlete on the track

I’ve seen it but I remained silent

must be best not having eyes at all

The little speck of black ink inside my retinas

are like micro camera that records memories forever

Some aren’t a good ones but still a memory

Sometimes my eyeballs are dizzy

when under the control of alcohol

It’s like the world’s spinning around my own axis

The cars are floating and my mind’s at wonderland

Seeing things in my own point of view

like walking blindfolded on top of the rainbow

Liquid filled with toxic taste that freezes my whole body

left me hanging while my world’s half asleep.

I can see their laughter and joy

but I can’t feel them

Seeing myself falling

in this kaleidoscopic traces of my past

Slowly drowning my eyes with salty water

those tears that will never roll down my face again

But only in my mind full of elusive dreams.

See me as the person that I am

not the person I have become

For in reality, seeing through the eyes is mainly a visions of lies

look deeper

for the soul’s the eye of everything.


Note: This sketch was inspired by some artist in Deviant art. Though this is not really perfect but … yeah I don’t wanna say much.



I found myself in the darkness,

brought by the blinding sunlight.

Drowning myself in an empty sea,

With shallow thoughts that I can’t reach.

I can hear a deafening noise

from the resilience of the room.

Found faces of people I may know,

wearing thin smiles through their tears.

Cheerfully laughing at people’s misery.

Falling pieces of tainted heart,

from an innocent mind of yours.

You don’t like it but you’re doing it,

fighting though you really want to give up.

Everyday’s a battlefield but you don’t survive,

you just live the way you have to live.