Not all goodbyes are painful

They started at the bottom, now they are on their finish line. Probably they’ve accepted the fact that it’s over. He keeps on calling her but she keeps on declining it. He said “Just 10 minutes” but she declined again. She asked his friends to tell him to stop bugging her because she’s busy doing her ‘things-to-do’ but partly, she just don’t know what to say. She’s out of words when he finally bid goodbye. She thinks it’s a good thing… well she guess. But yes it is. Sooner or later, he’ll be getting over her and she won’t have to think if he’s still hurting or not. Those words he told her cut her deep into her very soul.

That moment when “Doesn’t mean anything” by Alicia Keys were playing on her ipod.

I know that his words, likewise what she felt, cut him too deep and probably he’s choking on every words he say. His mom told him that this is too difficult for the both of them and this is probably the best thing to do. In that way, it’ll give them both time to know and reinvent themselves. They needed time and space to realize all of the things they usually argue about and to find what they really aim for life.

If fate brought them to where they have started, maybe they really have to pay attention to their own businesses before others. He told her that night that if he and she were really meant to be together then it’ll come at the right place at the right time. That time when they don’t have to say goodnight when it is early in the morning. That time when both of their ‘timezone’ were the same. But if it’s not then they really have to set each other free.

Yes, life goes on. It probably shits on you most of the time but as long as there is tomorrow, chances are always there. You just have to deal with life changes and survive. DON’T JUST LIVE, SURVIVE.

They’ve decided to be just friends. Yes, if one of them is in need, they have each others’ back. Another chapter of their life closed and another has been widely opened and this time, with our hearts free, we can do whatever we want.