She found herself in his absence

She doesn’t say “I love you” like everyone else do. Instead, she looked down and shake her head. Then put a little smile on her face and say “You’re crazy… I like it”. She always taps your shoulder and say “You’re cute” then giggle like there’s no tomorrow. She’s too comfortable with you, telling ¬†she’s having a period and telling she wants to eat ice cream. She’s worried when you say you’re having a bad time with your work then make you a cup of tea just make you feel better. She’ll help you with anything you need without telling you she’s having a hard time too because she wants to help you. When you’re mad and yelling at her, she’ll just shut up and hug you even though you’re pushing her away… coz you want some space and she doesn’t want to end the night having an unfinished argument with you.

Time passes by and the love you have for her slowly fades away. Why? Is it because of her? Is she pretty? Smarter than her? Gives you what you WANT without arguing? She’s not the type of girl you can mess with. She’s prudent but not all the time. Yes she isn’t perfect. So do you. Why do you have to find another one? Is she not enough for you? She’s a keeper, too bad, you didn’t keep her.

Soon, she realized her worth. She stop pretending she’s okay. She’d stopped pleasing him. She’s fed up with all those cheating and lies. She’d stopped applying lipstick, brushing her hair to perfection and dressing the best outfit coz he don’t notice it at all. All he thinks is he’s had enough of her quirky ways on loving him.

So with a smile, she face the world that longed for her. For the first time in her life, she felt freedom. She freed herself from the chains that hold her for a very long time. Leaving behind her tears and her fears. Sent her love to the wind and let it carry her out of her doom. Closed her eyes and wish that those things are just a nightmare that comes in the night. Opened her eyes to reality while walking alone in this big world… and smiled at life.